Transition Statement for ISO 14065:2007 and 600/2012

Date: 14 August 2012 

The European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) has adopted ISO14065 as the standard to be used by its member accreditation bodies to assess requirements for greenhouse gas (GHG) verification bodies. 

The timeline specified by EA is that all GHG verifiers should be accredited to this standard by January 2013. 

In order to meet this deadline, INAB will be conducting conformity assessments to this standard during surveillance visits in 2012. 

The Regulation 600/2012 issued July 2012 is also a requirement for all GHG verifiers. All applicant/accredited verifiers are required to submit application forms / extension to scope application forms (if already accredited) for assessment of compliance to this new Regulation by December 2012.  When submitting the required application form, all verifiers are required to submit updated documentation reflecting the organisations’ changes to ensure conformance to the requirements of the Regulation. 

As all accredited GHG verifiers are expected to be in full compliance with 600/2012 by 1st January 2014, any identified nonconformities related to the new Regulation must be fully cleared by end of 2013.  

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