INAB Documents

INAB issues requirement, policy and guidance documents for all accreditation schemes. Additionally, the international organisations – European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Cooperation (ILAC) issue mandatory and guidance documents directly applicable.

Title Doc. No. Issue Date
Impartiality Policy (0.55 Mb)
PS26 31/1/2020 
Accreditation of Reference Material Producers (0.58 Mb)
PS21 31/8/2018 
Assessment and accreditation of Opinions and Interpretations using ISO 17025:2017 (0.68 Mb)
PS28 31/1/2019 
Code of Conduct for Assessment Visits (0.81 Mb)
PS8 7/1/2021 
Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes (188.65 Kb)
PS18 31/5/2018 
Flexible Scope of Accreditation for ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 Testing Laboratories (0.74 Mb)
PS11 8/1/2021 
Guide to Method Validation for Quantitative Analysis in Chemical Testing Laboratories (17025) (0.65 Mb)
PS15 31/3/2019 
INAB Policy on Annual Reporting and Cross Frontier Accreditation (0.65 Mb)
PS7 31/10/2019 
INAB Policy Statement on Mechanisms of Feedback to INAB (185.84 Kb)
PS25 30/4/2020 
INAB Policy Statement on Scope Format for Calibration Laboratories (0.77 Mb)
PS27 28/6/2018 
Minimum Verification Requirements for ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 Testing Laboratories (124.73 Kb)
PS24 29/2/2016 
Policy for accreditation of Point of Care testing (POCT) (0.54 Mb)
PS31 30/4/2020 
Policy for accredited organisations undertaking work in an area which is regulated by legislation (0.5 Mb)
PS12 31/10/2018 
Policy for the accreditation of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques (0.54 Mb)
PS29 31/10/2019 
Policy on assessment of quality system documentation and data in an electronic environment (0.63 Mb)
PS14 8/7/2020 
Policy on laboratory refurbishments/renovations, the movement of accredited testing equipment, and new laboratory equipment (ISO17025 & ISO15189) (0.56 Mb)
PS32 23/12/2020 
Policy on legal entities (0.53 Mb)
PS30 14/7/2020 
Policy on Performance Reports (128.77 Kb)
PS4 31/3/2017 
Policy on Proficiency Testing (0.63 Mb)
PS1 31/10/2018 
Policy on the Accreditation and Assessment of Multisite Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) (0.73 Mb)
PS19 14/7/2020 
Policy on the Laboratory Testing for Group 3 Organisms (0.63 Mb)
PS3 7/1/2021 
Policy on the Provision of Accredited Testing and and Calibration in INAB Accredited Laboratories (357.75 Kb)
PS23 31/5/2019 
Policy on Traceablity of Measurement (0.72 Mb)
PS5 8/7/2020 
Policy on Unannounced Visits to INAB Accredited Organisations (0.54 Mb)
PS6 31/10/2019 
Policy on Witnessing Activities and Scope Management for Certification and Verification Bodies (0.54 Mb)
PS22 30/4/2019 
Policy Statement on Scope Format for Testing Laboratories accredited to ISO 17025 (0.62 Mb)
PS34 8/7/2020 
Principles for the Assessment and Accreditation of Sampling Methods (0.61 Mb)
PS17 31/10/2018 
Submission of Documentation in advance of an INAB assessment visit (0.67 Mb)
PS10 8/1/2021