Advisory Committees

Medical Advisory Committee

Establishment and purpose

The Committee has been established by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB), for the sole purpose of offering advice to the INAB Executive on issues of principal importance in the accreditation medical field. This will be primarily in the field of medical laboratory accreditation to ISO 15189 and may expand to other areas of INAB accreditation relevant to the medical sector.


The Committee had its first meeting on the 9th March 2010 at INAB Headquarters in Dublin. The Committe meet 2/3 times per year at INAB Headquarters in Dublin.

Committee Membership

The members shall be nominated by interested parties for a period of 3 years with the possibility of reappointment. The membership shall include representatives of the end users of the accreditation scheme.

The composition of the INAB Medical Advisory Committee is as follows:

  • Chair: Mr. John O'Loughlin
    Laboratory Manager, Rotunda Hospital.
  • Vice-Chair Dr. Michael McDermott
    Consultant Histopathologist, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin
  • Ms. Marie O’Mahony
    Quality Manager, Irish National Accreditation Board.
  • Secretariat: Ms. Jane Glass
    Irish National Accreditation Board
  • Dr. Vincent Tormey 
    Consultant Immunologist, Galway University Hospital.
  • Dr. Niamh O'Sullivan
    Our Lady's Childrens Hospital, representing the Irish Society Clinical Microbiologists (ICSM).
  • Mr. Christopher Sharpe
    Lead and Technical Assessor for four European Accreditation bodies; former Laboratory Manager for a University Hospital Trust in UK.
  • Dr. Gerard Boran
    Representative of POCT Consultative Group
  • Dr. Joan Fitzgerald
    Consultant Haematologist, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin
  • Mr. Peter O'Leary
    Laboratory Manager, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
  • Prof. Ulrich J. Sachs
    Senior Consultant in Transfusion Medicine, University Hospital Giessen and Marburg, Germany
  • Ms. Brid Burke
    Accreditation Officer, Irish National Accreditation Board
  • Mr. Pat O'Brien
    Accreditation Officer, Irish National Accreditation Board
  • Ms. Sinead Guckian
    Accreditation Officer, Irish National Accreditation Board