INAB Client Relations Management (CRM)

INAB Customer Relations Management (CRM)

What is the INAB CRM?

It is our IT System, designed and developed to manage INAB data and processes associated with the accreditation and management of our Conformity Assessment Bodies. The scope of the system includes our CABs, and assessors who provide the expertise on which accreditation depends.  The INAB CRM manages the accreditation processes allowing all interactions between the team and the CAB through secure portals. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics and  Azure portal software.

What can you expect as a current Client?

  • Applications for extension/amendment to scope can only be made online if your scope has been uploaded to the system; if it hasn’t, then the extension to scope application form must continue to be used

  • Your visit will be arranged by David Brown and Vanessa Dowling, our central Visit Planners- you will then be notified of your visit, the team and confirmed date via the portal.

  • All documents required for the visit will be available online for the team.

  • The management of post visit activities including reporting, clearance of non-conformities, award of accreditation and the on going maintenance of your accreditation will be managed in the system.

  • Notifications of annual management fees; reminders for payments.

    New clients: All new applications for accreditation will be made online. The Accreditation Process

  • Contact us – and ask to speak to David Brown, Vanessa Dowling or Michelle Kelly, in INAB admin to get registered on the system.

  • Once you have access, See the CAB Portal User Guide .pdf (size 3 MB) for support for logging in and starting your application.


What can you expect as an Assessor?

  • Notification of all visits that you are scheduled on with the relevant documents and dates

  • Receipt of an assessor agreement for each and every visit you are scheduled on.

  • Clearance of Non Conformities online.

  • Online claims feature.

  • All new applications to become an assessor will be managed online. Ability to update your personal records online (Currently in dev – roll out  before end of 2018)

    How will I get access to the system?

  • Profile and Password: All existing clients have been provided with a link to access the new system, to set up their unique password, and to review their profile.

  • Transfer of Scope Data into system currently all scopes of accreditation are available on word. To transfer this data to the new CRM system a unique template for each CAB has been prepared. Each CAB was sent their template(s) to complete and return. This is only applicable to our existing clients at the time of go live. 

  • New Applicants – will be given access to the system once online you will be able to apply and submit your application.

  • Assessors – All existing assessors will be issued a link to set up their unique password in the Assessor Portal once you are confirmed on a visit. 



    Support Documentation

  • CAB Portal User Guide .pdf (size 3 MB)

  • Assessor Portal User Guide .pdf (size 1.8 MB)

  • Guidance for Completing Scope Template for Upload to CRM

  • Guidance Documents for Updates in P9 and P10 Classifications

    Client Portal Document Library