Date: 1 October 2007 

The Directorate General Environment of the European Commission is proud to announce the winners of the European EMAS Awards 2007 in the prestigious ceremony on the EXPO 1998 area in Lisbon. The European EMAS Awards 2007 is the most prestigious award in environmental management and has been handed to top companies and local authorities since 2005.

National EMAS Awards 2007

The nominees for the National EMAS Awards have been selected. 40 High ranking representatives of the most successful EMAS registered organisations will collect their EMAS Award in the ceremony and enjoy an evening of discussion and informal exchange with colleagues from Europe and the representatives of the European Commission.

There will be a maximum of four awards per country. These national EMAS Awards will be handed out in the evening ceremony. The winning organisations will be informed in advance. Awards are handed to representatives of winning organisations only during the Award Ceremony.

To see the list of organisations nominated for the National EMAS Award click here.

European EMAS Awards 2007

The European EMAS Award will be awarded in four categories to the EMAS organisation which excelled in minimizing their impact on the environment through waste (through innovative method of reduction, reuse or recycling):

  • Micro-organisations: < 10 employees and annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet not exceeding € 2 million.
  • Small organisations: >/= 10 to < 50 employees and annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total not exceeding € 10 million.
  • Medium organisation: >/= 50 to 250 employees and annual turnover not exceeding € 50 million and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding € 43 million.
  • Large organisations: > 250 employees and annual total of more than € 50 million and/or an annual balance sheet total of more than € 43 million.

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