Report on GLOBALGAP meeting 26/27th November 2007, Cologne, Germany

Date: 1 December 2007 

Bríd Burke attended the above GLOBALGAP Accreditation body meeting on behalf of INAB.  The main areas discussed were the following:

  • Changes with Version 3 of the GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP®) standard. (Please note not all changes were discussed)  Those discussed include:
    • Modified structure of the standard
    • Change of rules for certificate dates.
    • Acceptable dates for re-certification clarified. 
    • Proposed new template for CB certificates
  • Name change from EUREPGAP® to GLOBALGAP was also highlighted.  It is noted that the name GLOBALGAP is not fully trademarked as of yet and the combination of names should be used until such time as this process is complete.  i.e. agreed notation is GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP®)
  • GLOBALGAP have started an ‘Integrity Programme’ in 2007 which will be fully implemented in 2008.  This programme involves GLOBALGAP performing random assessments on accredited Certification Bodies and certified Producers.  This information will be used to determine the integrity of the scheme in each of the participating countries.  GLOBALGAP will also require corrective actions to be implemented as a result of their assessments.  
  • Timelines for closure of ‘minor must’ issues to be decided by the sectoral committees within GLOBALGAP. Decision will be communicated to ABs and CBs once available. 
  • Next meeting set for same dates, in 2008. 

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