Accreditation Process For Medical Laboratories – Survey

Date: 11 November 2009 

On 16 July 2009 all INAB applicant and accredited Medical Laboratories were invited to participate in a survey on their experience of the Accreditation Process from initial stages through to approval of accreditation.

The survey was conducted using a web based survey - which was distributed by email to 62 medical laboratories. The survey was completed on 7 August 2009.

An internal review of the findings took place in October 2009 and the INAB Board will be presented with the findings and proposed actions in December 2009.

Organisations that provided their contact details will be contacted by their Accreditation Officer to discuss their responses.


  1. 54 participants started the survey - 37 completed in full
  2. 59% response late
  3. Majority of respondents clients of INAB - 2 years
  4. 92% of respondents are in the area of Blood Transfusion
  5. 71% are public organisations

pdf iconINAB Accreditation Process - Survey Summary of Medical Laboratories (PDF, 10 Pages, 34KB)

INAB would like to thank all respondents for their participation.