Flexible scope of accreditation system available for all testing laboratories, first ISO 15189 testing laboratories accredited.

Date: 3 March 2016 

The first two ISO1 5189 accreditation laboratories have been awarded accreditation for flexible scope in areas as denoted in their scope of accreditation.  The two laboratories are the Bons Secours Health System,  Cork (153MT) and the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin (208MT). 

A new revision of INAB policy document PS11 has been published. (Revision 3 of PS11), ‘Flexible Scope of Accreditation for ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 Testing Laboratories’.  The document clarifies the revised policy for implementation of flexible scope for all testing laboratories and is effective immediately.  Revision 2 of PS11 will be available on request. 

For those laboratories currently accredited for flexible scope you will be assessed to this new revision of PS11 at your next INAB visit.  Any gaps identified will be raised as non-conformities with a one month timeframe for clearance. 

For other laboratories, please send in an extension to scope application form available from the INAB website.  (Section 6 of the policy statement refers)

Both documents are now available from our website http://www.inab.ie/Documents-Forms/

Please contact your INAB officer if you have any queries.