INAB / NSAI NML host Calibration Forum – in Dublin Castle

Date: 6 July 2018 

On 18 June, INAB delivered a one day Calibration Forum with NSAI National Metrology Laboratory for all INAB clients in Dublin Castle. Over 90 clients attended and had the opportunity to hear and engage with speakers/experts on Uncertainty of measurement and traceability.

Calibration Forum Pic 1

(R-L) Brid Burke, INAB; David Fleming, NML; and Pat O’Brien, INAB.

The day covered:

  • INAB Policies on Calibration, Measurement of Uncertainty and ISO17025:2017 – Brid Burke,INAB
  • Introduction to Calibration and Traceability – David Fleming, NML
  • Reference materials and Calibration, Pat O’Brien, INAB
  • Measurement Uncertainty in Testing – Les Coveney, INAB Assessor

Practical examples of measurement uncertainty approaches: (Les Coveney, Alison Bransfield, Eddie McCullagh)

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology

All of the presentations from the day can be viewed here:

Les Coveney Presentation 1 .pptx (size 545 KB)

Les Coveney Presentation 2.pptx (size 634.3 KB)

Les Coveney Presentation 3.pptx (size 192.7 KB)

Brid Burke Presentation .pptx (size 134.6 KB)

Eddie McCullagh Presentation .pptx (size 303.9 KB)

Pat O'Brien Presentation .pptx (size 2.1 MB)

Alison Bransfield Presentation .pptx (size 252.7 KB)

Calibratin Forum Pic 2

Participants at the Calibration Forum in Dublin Castle

Calibration Forum Pic 3

(R-L) Les Coveney presenting on Measurement of Uncertainty in Testing; Alison Bransfield, Eddie McCullagh; and Brid Burke, INAB