Transition to ISO 50003:2014

Date: 2 March 2015 

Transition to ISO 50003:2014

ISO 50003:2014 specifies requirements for competence, consistency and impartiality in the auditing and certification of energy management systems (EnMS) for bodies providing these services. In order to ensure the effectiveness of EnMS auditing, ISO 50003:2014 addresses the auditing process, competence requirements for personnel involved in the certification process for energy management systems, the duration of audits and multi-site sampling.

ISO 50003:2014 is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO/IEC 17021:2011. The requirements of ISO/IEC 17021:2011 also apply to ISO 50003:2014.

The IAF, at its General Assembly held in Vancouver in October 2014, acting on the recommendation of its technical committee, recognised that ISO 50003 is the appropriate standard for accreditation in the energy management systems field.

The General Assembly further agreed that the implementation period for ISO 50003:2014 will be three years from the date of publication.

Therefore, as the date of publication was 14 October 2014, the deadline for certification bodies to conform will be 14 October 2017.

INAB has adopted this IAF resolution, and expects that certification bodies will prepare plans for implementation of this standard. In order to facilitate a smooth transfer to the new standard, INAB requests accredited certification bodies to submit this transition action plan to their INAB accreditation officer before 14th October 2015.

As a minimum the plan should include:

  1. Changes identified, with all specific actions to be taken to implement the changes,
  2. The timeframe for completion of such actions,
  3. The persons responsible for the actions,
  4. Process in place to monitor progress and completion of the actions.

The schedule of headquarters visits may be altered to ensure that all EnMS certification bodies are in compliance by 14th October 2017. Therefore, allowing for six months in advance of the final deadline, annual headquarters visits and witnessed audits for 2017 will be no later than 14th April 2017 to allow sufficient time for all findings to be fully closed out before the deadline. The action plan will therefore need to demonstrate an analysis of the new standard and effective implementation such that the certification body confirms that ISO 50003 requirements are in operation by 14th April 2017, as all INAB surveillance/reassessment visits from that date will include the requirements of ISO 50003:2014.

From 14th October 2015, the requirements of ISO 50003:2014 will be included in the assessment of all new applicants.

Please contact your accreditation officer for further information.