Personnel Certification

Personnel Certification

In many areas, particularly those which are safety critical, purchaser, user and public confidence in the competence of individuals is extremely important. Personnel certification confirms the competence of named individuals to perform specified services or duties. This is achieved through the issuing of a certificate of competence.

What is Personnel Certification?

Possible examples of personnel who could be certified are:

Gas/oil fitters, welders, electricians/electrical inspectors, timber grading inspectors, emissions inspectors etc..

How to become an accredited Personnel Certification Body?

As with management system or product certification bodies, a personnel certification body must be able to demonstrate its competence to assess and certify its clients.

In this case, the personnel certification body must conform with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024.

ISO/IEC 17024 has a number of requirements for organisational structure, quality management system elements, competence of personnel, confidentiality etc. The personnel certification body must be able to demonstrate compliance with all of these requirements.

Once the personnel certification body has all of the organisational and technical measures in place, and has been operating a certification service for a period of time sufficient to have historical records built up, and can demonstrate that the operation is stable (typically three months minimum), it can apply to INAB for accreditation.

INAB Accreditation Symbol

The Irish National Accreditation Board strongly encourages accredited organisations to use the accreditation symbol on their reports or certificates.

The accreditation symbol, ownership of which is vested in INAB, is a combination of the Board’s logo in association with the registration number and the accreditation standard. Reference is also made to the organisation’s scope of accreditation.

The use of the symbol and logo is subject to strict criteria laid down in the INAB R1 Regulations.

Accreditation symbols will include: 

  • Accreditation Standard 
  • Scope of accreditation
  • Registration Number