Glossary of Terms


Procedure by which an authoritative body gives formal recognition that a body or person is competent to carry out specific tasks.


Procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a system, product, process or service conforms to specified requirements.


Systematic examination of the extent to which a product, process or service fulfills specified requirements by observation and judgement accompanied as appropriate by measurement, testing or gauging.


Legal or administrative entity that has specific tasks and composition.

Conformity Assessment

Any activity concerned with determining directly or indirectly that relevant requirements are fulfilled.

Notified body

A third party authorised to perform the conformity assessment tasks specified in the Directive, which has been appointed by a Member State from the bodies falling within it's jurisdiction, which has the necessary qualifications, meets the requirements laid down in the Directive and has been notified to the Commission and to other Member States.

Third party

A person or body that is recognized as being independent of the parties involved, as concerns the issue in question. Note: Parties involved are usually supplier ('first party') and purchaser ('second party') interests.


Set of operations that establish, under specified conditions, the relationship between values of quantities indicated by a measuring instrument or measuring system, or values represented by a material measure or a reference material, and the corresponding values realized by standards.


Property of the result of a measurement or the value of a standard whereby it can be related to stated references, usually national or international standards, through an unbroken chain of comparisons all having stated uncertainties.


Technical operation that consists of the determination of one or more characteristics of a given product, process or service according to a specified procedure.