INAB Policy on Handling Complaints

INAB is committed to offering a professional standard of accreditation services and welcomes all feedback from stakeholders and other interested parties about the services it provides. This feedback can be forwarded to us via the contact page.

In the event that INAB receives a complaint relating to the activities of INAB or its accredited organisations, INAB will make every effort to resolve the complaint in accordance with the policy outlined below.

The regulations for handling complaints can be found in the INAB R1 Regulations.

INAB expects that complaints concerning the services provided by INAB accredited organisations should be dealt with by the accredited organisation in the first instance as accreditation requires these organisations to have formal complaint handling procedures for the investigation and resolution of complaints made to them by their clients.

Complaints made to INAB shall be addressed in writing to the Manager of INAB as INAB will not normally provide feedback on complaints which are based on hearsay.

INAB aims to process complaints in a timely manner and shall respect where possible any reasonable request for preservation of anonymity or confidentiality requested by those making claims or statements in connection with a complaint.

The Manager of INAB will formally reply to the complainant detailing the results of the investigation and any actions to be taken by INAB where applicable.

Further information on how INAB processes complaints may be obtained from The Irish National Accreditation Board.