The Accreditation Process

The purpose of this document is to outline the process you can expect when you apply for acreditation with INAB. INAB is currently experiencing an increase in applications. Therefore, It can take up to 15 working days before your application will be reviewed and assigned to an Assessment Manager. You can expect to have contact from your Assessment Manager within 30 working days. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Enquiry Stage

All relevant documents, forms and fee schedules are available to download from our website.

Application Stage

    • Applications are submitted online ONLY. 

    • Contact us using the 'New Applicant' dropdown to be issued with a link to access the INAB CRM online system. Please ensure you provide us with your Company's legal entity name.

    • To support you with your application please refer to Guidance on New Applicants applying for Accreditation via the CRM

    • Log on and complete application upload signed statement and relevant documents (Quality Manual).

    • The appropriate application fee will be billed on submission of your application.

    • An accreditation officer, appointed by the INAB Manager, will contact you once your application has been received and reviewed. Other supporting documentation may be requested at this stage.

    • Please expect a lead time of approx 3 months to arrange the first visit to your organisation from receipt of application.

Costs for application fees are outlined in the relevant Schedule of Fees.

Pre-Assessment Stage

  • A pre-assessment is designed to evaluate your organisation's readiness for full assessment.

  • The INAB accreditation officer will assemble a peer assessment team appropriate to the scope applied for.

  • You will be notified of the proposed team prior to the visit.

  • Typically, a pre-assessment visit takes 1 day.

  • You will receive a report after the visit outlining the findings of the team

Costs for pre-assessment fees are outlined in the relevant Schedule of Fees

Assessment Stage

  • After the pre-assessment the organisation has the opportunity to address the findings of the pre-assessment.

  • An assessment visit is organised. The duration of the visit and composition of the peer assessment team is dependent upon the scope of accreditation requested.

  • The assessment determines an organisations compliance with the applicable standard(s), INAB requirements and other mandatory documents. This encompasses quality systems and technical competence.

  • At the end of the visit the team makes a recommendation on accreditation.

Costs for Assessment fees are outlined in the relevant Schedule of Fees

Clearance of Nonconformities 

  • A normal consequence of an assessment visit is that nonconformities are raised.

  • The organisation is then required to submit evidence of corrective actions to address any nonconformities raised within 3 months of the assessment.

  • When all corrective actions have been accepted and all non-compliances have been cleared, the peer assessment team's recommendation is presented to the INAB Board.

  • This process is managed through the INAB CRM system

Recommendation to the INAB Board

  • The INAB Board meet approximately 6 times a year.

  • The INAB Accreditation Officer presents a report containing the recommendation to the Board who then make the decision on accreditation.

  • When all corrective actions have been accepted and all nonconformities have been cleared, the peer assessment team's recommendation is presented to the INAB Board.

  • This process is managed through the INAB CRM system.

Award of Accreditation

  • The organisation will receive a certificate of accreditation and a scope of accreditation. The certificate is valid for 5 years dependent on successful surveillance visits. The organisation will receive a unique registration number and symbol. The scope of accreditation will be publically available on the INAB Directory of Accredited Bodies on the INAB website.

Maintenance of Accreditation

  • An organisation's accreditation is maintained by means of annual surveillance visits.

  • The first surveillance visit takes place approximately 6 months after accreditation is awarded.

  • A full re-assessment visit is carried out every 4-5 years.

  • Unannounced visits may be carried out without prior notice. These visits focuses primarily on the quality system components of the accreditation criteria.

Costs for maintenance of accreditation are outlined in the Schedule of Fees

Extending your Scope of Accreditation

  • If you wish to extend your scope of accreditation, please contact your accreditation officer and complete the relevant extension to scope application via the CRM.