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INAB Technical Assessor Role – Notes for New Assessors

INAB technical assessors play a key role in INAB assessments, evaluating the technical competence and capability of the organisation. Technical assessors will typically be either actively working in the area or recently retired, and will have experience of having worked within an accredited quality management system. They must be able to demonstrate a good level of impartiality and be acceptable to the client. Technical assessors must have, and maintain, a good working knowledge of the field they are assessing in. They will be asked to provide evidence of training and/or experience when applying for the role.

INAB contracts external technical assessors on a day rate basis. Training is provided in the relevant accreditation standards, and once authorised as competent INAB will pay an agreed rate for each assessment undertaken. Assessors may be either self-employed or working through a limited company.  The level of work is demand-led, and as a result INAB cannot guarantee specific a specific number of assessments annually.

Technical assessors are independent contractors and must hold professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover at an appropriate value for the services provided to INAB. INAB will reimburse vouched reasonable vouched travel and accommodation expenses incurred as part of the assessment.  Travel time will not be reimbursed. Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) will be deducted from each payment, and a receipt issued. The tax may be claimed in full from with this receipt.

Further details on the role of the Technical Assessor may be found in the following documents available on the INAB website at the following link: Documents & Forms

  • P07 Guide to INAB Assessment Procedures
  • PS08 Code of Conduct for INAB Assessment Visits
  • C-Assessor-T&C Terms and Conditions for Engagement of Assessors
  • C-Assessors S-A Assessor contract template Contract

INAB are currently seeking technical assessors in the following areas. If you have the relevant technical expertise please contact INAB at 

  • Medical Microbiology (ISO 15189:2012)
  • Clinical Chemistry (ISO 15189:2012)
  • Haematology and Blood Transfusion (ISO 15189:2012)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Product Certification (ISO 17065:2012)
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) assessors (ISO 17021-1:2015)

It would be really useful to have a greater participation from assessors based in Ireland.  There is no minimum number of assessments required and flexibility with additional assessors helps the organisation of all assessment visits.

Expressions of Interest: Candidate INAB Technical Experts/ Technical Assessors

The Irish National Accreditation Board welcomes receipt of expressions of interest from experts seeking to provide contracted professional technical services to INAB in support of its accreditation programmes. Expertise demand will vary from time to time but INAB would welcome contact from potential assessors in the following sectors: Food, environment, construction materials testing, calibration, forensic science, medical testing and technical expertise to assess building air tightness/building air leakage permeability testing to BS standards.

The full range and scope of INAB activities is documented on the website

Candidates should have a third level qualification and greater than 5 years experience working in the applicable sector. Formal assessor training and previous experience working with an accreditation body would be a distinct advantage.  We are open to accepting applications only with training in one of the accreditation standards. If interested, please complete the IP25 EX form and return to the email address provided. A formal qualification procedure is in place and all applicants will be evaluated against the documented criteria and current demand.

Submission of the form is no guarantee of acceptance.  Nor does it create any contractual obligation.

IP25 EX - INAB Expression of Interest Form

Submission of the form is no guarantee of acceptance.  Nor does it create any contractual obligation.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for contracting INAB assessors and experts. These T&Cs are applicable to all assessors and are not negotiated further.

Terms and Conditions for Engagement of Assessors