Company NameActivityLocation Download
Baker Hughes EMEAHumidity Calibration Category A Not normally available for public calibrationClare Baker Hughes EMEA - 44C (0.53 Mb) Baker Hughes EMEA - 44C Cert (0.74 Mb)
AccuScience (Irl) Ltd t/a Accuscience Ireland LimitedTemperature Calibration Laboratory Category D Public calibration serviceDublin 1AccuScience (Irl) Ltd - 309C (0.54 Mb) AccuScience (Irl) Ltd - 309C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Butler Transtest Ltd t/a Butler Technologies Electrical, Temperature, Pressure, Laboratory Category A & B Public Calibration ServiceKildareButler Transtest Ltd - 256C (0.87 Mb) Butler Transtest Ltd - 256C Cert (0.75 Mb)
Calibration Specialists LtdElectrical Calibration Laboratory Limerick - Categories A, B Metrology Calibration Laboratory Limerick - Category A Public calibration service LimerickCalibration Specialists Ltd - 1C (0.89 Mb) Calibration Specialists Ltd - 1C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Calibration Technology t/a Calibration Technology LtdBalance & Volumetric Calibration Laboratory Category A & B Public Calibration ServiceLimerickCalibration Technology Ltd - 186C (0.59 Mb) Calibration Technology Ltd - 186C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Carl Stuart Limited t/a LabUnlimitedBalance, Volumetric and Temperature Calibration Laboratory Category A & B Public Testing ServiceDublinCarl Stuart Ltd - 270C (0.66 Mb) Carl Stuart Ltd - 270C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Cruinn Diagnostics Ltd t/a CruinnCalBalance & Volumetric and Temperature Calibration Laboratory Category A, B & D Public Calibration Service Dublin 12Cruinn Diagnostics Ltd - 279C (0.79 Mb) Cruinn Diagnostics Ltd - 279C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Darren O' Sullivan Ltd t/a Complete Calibrations Mass Calibration Laboratory Public Calibration ServiceCorkDarren O' Sullivan Ltd - 370C  (496.21 Kb) Darren O Sullivan Ltd - 370C Cert (0.75 Mb)
EPA t/a Environmental Protection AgencyGas Analyser and Ionising Radiation survey Instruments Laboratory Category A ‘Public calibration service WexfordEPA - 311C  (0.71 Mb) EPA - 311C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Flow Meter Systems Ireland Ltd t/a Flowmeter Systems (Irl) LimitedMetrology Flow Measuring Devices Calibration Laboratory CorkFlow Meter Systems (Ire) ltd - 77C (0.56 Mb) Flow Meter Systems (Ire) ltd - 77C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Laboratory Supplies Ltd t/a Lennox Laboratory Supplies, Technical Services & Calibration Department.Balance and Temperature calibration. Category type A and B. Public Available service.Dublin 12Laboratory Supplies Ltd - 378C (0.56 Mb) Laboratory Supplies Ltd - 378C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Lotus Automation (Ireland) Ltd t/a LotusWorksElectrical, Temperature, Balance and Volumetric Calibration Type A&B Public Available ServiceSligoLotus Automation (Ireland) Ltd - 277C (0.72 Mb) Lotus Automation (Ireland) Ltd - 277C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Maha Ireland LtdCalibration of Vehicle Safety Testing Devices Category D Public Calibration ServiceDublinMaha Ireland Ltd - 287C (0.61 Mb) Maha Ireland Ltd - 287C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Mason Technology Ltd t/a Mason TechnologyBalance, Mass, Temperature and Speed Measuring Devices – Centrifuges. Calibration Laboratory. Category A & B Public Testing Laboratory.Dublin 8Mason Technology Ltd - 43C (0.72 Mb) Mason Technology Ltd - 43C Cert (0.74 Mb)
Medical Supply Co Ltd t/a Medical Supply CompanyTemperature Calibration Laboratory Category A & B Public Calibration ServiceDublin 15Medical Supply Co. Ltd - 262C (0.66 Mb) Medical Supply Co. Ltd - 262C Cert  (0.74 Mb)
Metrology Systems & Services LtdMass Calibration - Metrology Category A Public Calibration ServiceCorkMetrology Systems & Services Ltd - 161C (511.97 Kb) Metrology Systems & Services Ltd - 161C Cert  (0.74 Mb)
Reagecon Diagnostics LtdBalance, Volumetric & Temperature Calibration Laboratory Category A, B & D Public Calibration Service ClareReagecon Diagnostics Ltd - 265C (0.56 Mb) Reagecon Diagnostics Ltd - 265C Cert (0.74 Mb)
VWR International Ltd t/a VWR InternationalBalance Calibration, Heat and Temperature Calibration, Optical Measurement Calibration LaboratoryDublin 15VWR International - 18C (0.58 Mb) VWR International - 18C Cert (0.74 Mb)