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Digitalization in Conformity Assessment Study

In late 2021, INAB supported a project on ‘Digitalization in Conformity Assessment’ which was conducted by BAM, TU Berlin, Fraunhofer ISI and University of Canterbury.

The aim of the project was to investigate digital transformation of CABs, to get a better understanding of their digital maturity, the drivers, benefits and barriers to digitalization, and also, to investigate if there are trends in the digitalization levels between different countries and across different accreditation standards. Twenty countries participated in this survey.

In supporting this project, we sent a campaign to our CABs to participate in the survey. The survey was fully completed by 29 of our CABs across various accreditation standards and the results are in! For those of you who completed the survey and opted in to have access to your individual results, these will be issued to you shortly by BAM directly. 

As you’ll see from the results, there is an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards digitalization and how it can be seen as an excellent opportunity in conformity assessment. The status and extent of digitalization in Irish CABs appears to vary greatly which is an interesting outcome. There are also some very interesting results with respect to CABs perceptions on how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted their digital transformation.

For those of you who may be interested to see how we rank against other countries, see
Results will be updated as they are ready.

INAB would like to thank the project partners - BAM, TU Berlin, University of Canterbury and Fraunhofer ISI - and those whose who executed and authored the study and report - Dr. Claudia Koch & Dr. Luana Ladu (BAM), Parsa Asna Ashari (BAM), Prof. Dr. Knut Blind (TU Berlin, Fraunhofer ISI) and Prof. Dr. Pavel Castka (University of Canterbury, NZL) for letting us be a part of this study.

A big thank you from INAB and the project partners of this survey to those of you who fully completed the survey.

For any queries or questions relating to the survey, please contact the project partners:

Dr. rer. oec. Claudia Koch, Tel.: +49 30 8104-3718,

Dr. rer. oec. Luana Ladu, Tel.: +49 30 8104-4485,

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