Webinar: Accreditation according to ISO 20387


The ISO 20387:2018 standard “Biotechnology – General requirements for biobanking” specifies general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of biobanks, including quality control requirements to ensure biological material and data collections are produced and maintained appropriately.  

This standard is applicable to all organisations performing biobanking, including biobanking of biological material from multicellular organisms (e.g. human, animal, fungus and plant) and microorganisms for research and development. It does not apply to biological material intended for food/feed production, laboratories undertaking analysis for food/feed production, and/or therapeutic use. 

Relevant EU / Irish legislation will also be applicable for any biobanks applying for accreditation. 

INAB has just begun to offer accreditation in this area and will open the scheme for applicants from 1st April 2021.   

Webinar details:

INAB hosted an information webinar for potential clients and stakeholders in the area of Biobanking on Friday 23rd April 10am to 12noon. 

If you missed the Webinar, please see our recording and supporting documents here