Training course for Use of reference materials and uncertainty evaluation

Date: 20 March 2007 

10/11th Octber 2007 - Geel, Belgium

 The proper use of reference materials is rightly regarded by ISO 17025 as akey element to establish traceability and thus improve comparability ofanalytical data.

The European Commission's Institute for Reference Materialsand Measurements (IRMM), one of the institutes of the Joint Research Centre(JRC) is one of the largest producers of certified reference materials worldwide. In their experience, improper use of reference materials often greatlydiminishes the value that laboratories can gain from using them.

This is their 4th course on theselection and use of reference materials.

This course tackles practical issues like how to store materials as well as conceptual questions (estimation of measurement uncertainty; establishing traceability etc.) For further information on course click on the attached leaflet.